Andrew Mackay

Technical Architect & Co-Founder

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What I do at Firefish

I direct and develop the overall structure and technical direction of the Firefish product. I focus on turning technical analysis of requirements and issues into designs that the development teams go on to implement.

Why I enjoy working at Firefish

From day one, and as a co-founder of the business, I have always found it important that we produce a product that our users enjoy using but that they also find genuinely improves their business. Likewise, internally, it has always been important to me that our staff feel empowered to influence the direction of the business and their own career paths.

Did you know...

I am a keen photographer and spend a lot of time outdoors in the forests and hills of The Highlands taking landscape photographs. I also love to spend time around a BBQ or Smoker producing American style “low and slow” BBQ.

Fun Fact

With the adoption of our Work From Anywhere program, my family and I recently moved to the Cairngorms, which fulfilled a long-held desire to live within this amazing National Park.