Jon Gibson

Senior Product Experience Executive


What I do at Firefish

My role as a Senior Product Experience Executive means I get to try out all the great new features before they get released to our clients.  As part of the Product Experience Team, I also get involved in other tasks such as investigations and requirements capture etc.

Why I enjoy working at Firefish

I love the Work from Anywhere policy which means I can work from home! There's a great team spirit, and a lot of very talented and hard-working people at Firefish. I also really like working for a company with a unified vision that drives their product forwards by regularly delivering new features and product improvements.

Did you know...

I like films and reading.  I'm also studying towards a degree just now which keeps me occupied in my spare time.

Fun Fact

Although I work for a company with a very fishy theme, I can't swim, (unless 30 seconds of doggy paddle counts).