Paul Owens

Senior Software Developer

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What I do at Firefish

My role as a Software Developer in the CRM/Integrations team is great because I get to work on the core areas of the Firefish system as well as working on integrating Firefish with third-party applications. I enjoy integrating Firefish with other apps as I am passionate about making computers do all the boring work for us and making our lives easier by removing unnecessary tasks. 

Why I like working at Firefish

At Firefish I get the flexibility to work where and when I want which is great when having a family at home. The area of the system I get to work in is very broad so I never know what the next project could be which is very exciting. 

Did you know...

As a Dad of 3 young kids, my free time is usually spent with them going to the park, swimming or other days out.

In my own time, I like to go camping, cycling, canyoning or kayaking whenever I can. When the weather is a bit rubbish I’ll be playing some computer or console games, working on my small software projects or enjoying a good bit of sci-fi whether that’s a book, movie or tv show.