Vicky Young

Client Projects Team Lead

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What I do at Firefish

I introduce new clients with 6+ users to the software by conducting their onboarding sessions and ensuring they get the most value from the system from the get-go! I complete regular check-in’s to continue building relationships and ensuring that they are getting the best value from the product whilst highlighting any new features released. I also manage projects for clients looking to upgrade, reskin their website or conduct bespoke coaching.

Why I like working at Firefish

Working in a team is my biggest driver with a big splash of positivity thrown in the mix! I find this to be a great motivator in the day-to-day as the Firefish team reach for the same clearly defined goals we strive towards. 

Did you know...

When I'm not helping our Firefish customers, you will usually find me eating out, shopping, watching Netflix, or spending time with friends and family