Natasha Shaurek

Director of Product

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What I do at Firefish

As the Associate Director of Build and App Support, I lead multiple teams focused on product development whilst prototyping new ideas which can be evaluated for future implementation. I work mainly with my great technical leads to translate and develop functional requirements into our codebase. I ensure my teams have sufficient resources for critical tasks and use my technical experience to lead and support on challenging projects so Firefish maintains a high level of operational excellence.

Why I like working at Firefish

I love being able to lead teams whilst still having a strong focus on development. We are continuously learning and implementing new programming languages, frameworks and features and we always look to adapt and adhere to the newest standards. Our ideas are valued and when we make something work well, we feel rewarded. I have fantastic, supportive team-mates who are just as enthusiastic as I am and we are always working to improve our own capabilities and the product.

Did you know...

I cannot let a day go by without having some chocolate! I hate any other sweets!