Peter Sallai

Data Executive

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What I do at Firefish

I work with databases, trying to keep our lovely clients’ data all tidy and organised. Most of my work is sorting out data tickets, then more interestingly I work on bespoke scripts (my personal favourite) and I also work to come up with ideas on how to improve our scripts or create new ones.

Why I enjoy working at Firefish

I love how incredibly well organised the work is, all the processes that in place are very impressive. Everyone is so lovely and supportive and the culture is just great!

Did you know...

I’ve got 3 road bikes (I’m as shocked at this fact as you are), I love going on 50-60 milers on a weekend, ideally around a hilly island. Apart from that I love hiking and Munro bagging. I used to play Shinty but haven’t played in 2 years now (planning to get back to it soon for next season in January!)

Fun Fact

I’m actually a pretty good flute player