Liam Morgan

Software Developer

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What I do at Firefish

I work as a software developer in the Build Team, so I build new features for Firefish. My previous positions and personal projects at home all use a very similar tech stack to the one used at Firefish, which should help me get started quickly and get me contributing to the team as soon as possible in all the ways I can

Why I like working at Firefish

Even from outside the company I could see it looked like a fun place to work with great people, after I learned the types of technology used and the products built by the dev team I had to apply and try join the team! I plan to bring new thoughts and contributing ideas to the team, a positive atmosphere and good vibes.

Did you know...

Outside of work I like to play video games (a lot) and go to the gym, when I can I take my board and get down to my nearest slope to Snowboard �� I also created an app that does Google map's "Find my car" feature 1 year before they added (stole?) it, and I am attempting to learn French for the 3rd time