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Growth Specialist

Take a look at our current vacancies below to see if we have an opportunity for you to come #swimwiththebest

£25k-£30k (plus commission) + Work from Anywhere & lots of benefits!

When you work in sales, it’s easy to assume that you’re going to spend your days making loads of outbound calls, and spend your life worrying about hitting your volume and talk time targets (even when you’re bringing the money in).  Every day is pretty much the same: dial tones, gatekeepers, and changing goalposts.


At Firefish, we don’t work like that.  Sure, you have a target for sales closed…but we don’t care how many calls you make to achieve that.  In fact, you’ll find that you don’t actually need to make cold calls as our Growth team have cracked the code in developing warm leads for you to convert. 


Our team are passionate, innovative and highly successful, and we’re looking for another Sales Executive (or Growth Specialist as you'll be called here!) to join them.


You’ll be responsible for selling the Firefish value proposition to small to mid-sized recruitment agencies using the phone, video, on-line meeting software and other digital channels.  You’ll have an opportunity to work with an exciting team that is selling our multi award-winning product in new ways.

You are going to love this job if:

  • You have at least a couple of years' experience as a 360 recruiter, and are passionate about and have a great knowledge of the recruitment industry.  You're excited just thinking about helping recruiters to make a difference!
  • You love listening, asking questions, and presenting appropriate solutions that can be easily understood by non-technical people.
  • You have a social footprint to be proud of and get a buzz from all things technology and online.  We use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Zoom, Skype, Wistia, Soapbox, Power Point, Hubspot, Mind Mapping and lots more relating to Inbound Marketing, so you're comfortable with new technologies and eager to get involved with new concepts.
  • You enjoy dealing directly with business owners, who know exactly what they want and when they want it.


This is a really exciting time to join Firefish.  We're one of the UK's fastest growing and most forward-thinking, cutting edge SaaS companies.  We've won loads of awards and accolades for our product, our service and our company culture.  Each and every Fish in the shoal has a voice and is encouraged to make a positive impact, and is given all the tools they need to be able to do so. Not only that, you pick where and when you work in line with our Work from Anywhere policy!


So, if you’re sick of old-school sales and want to be part of something ground-breaking, something different…join us! 

Vicki will be in touch as soon as she’s reviewed your application.